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Find the correct equipment. Our extensive range of ergonomic keyboards and mice, ergonomic furniture, high visibility keyboards and support software are designed to provide equal access for all.

Needs Based Information Resource / Tremor
Making ICT work for people with disabilities

Send an e-mail, type a short letter, surf the net. . . . the list of computer activities that have become an integral part of modern life, are endless.  In an age where we are driven by technology, both our social and working lives have become very much affected by the use of computers but what if keyboarding is a problem?

For example; people who have Tremor can find using a computer an exasperating task, filled with obstacles and challenges.

Tremor is a normal phenomenon, which affects absolutely everyone, so everyone shakes, it's just that some do more than others.  Although there are many diagnoses of Tremor, no cure has yet been found so finding ways to overcome the challenges that Tremor presents is key to improving the quality of life. 

Overcoming the Challenge
For Cyril Gleeson who has Essential Tremor of the hands, using a regular mouse and keyboard, meant that reading and sending e-mails was a tricky and frustrating process. Keeping in contact with his family who live abroad by email was definitely not the easy process that it is for most people. 

"The best birthday present I have ever received!"

It was on his birthday last year that his problem was solved.  Prior to his birthday, Cyril had already chanced upon a possible solution to his problem.  "My shaky fingers kept hitting between two keys and I spent a lot of time backtracking to eliminate errors."   

The solution Cyril had found was a special keyboard on the Keytools Website, With its design and technology, the BigKeys seemed like the ideal solution!  However, much to Cyril's surprise, his son was against him purchasing the keyboard.  Cyril says, "As he has a PhD in computer science I usually give way to his expertise, but I knew that the keyboard would solve my problem.  So I persisted in my question as to why I should not purchase it.  Eventually, he said that the keyboard had already been purchased by all of them for my 77th birthday!"

This clever keyboard design is called BigKeys, an excellent choice for people with hand-tremors and ideal for many other disabilities too.  Of course, every person is unique, which is why the BigKeys keyboards come in 18 different choices.  Users can choose their preferred layout and colour scheme, and comprising just 60 keys, with all the functionality of the regular 102 keys, striking the right one is that much easier!

The National Tremor Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to: 
The dissemination of knowledge and raising awareness of, tremors of all types.
Supporting people with tremors of all types.

Featured Product

BigKeys Keyboard, available online from Keytools BigKeys Keyboard - view online
Ideal for those with poor dexterity or low vision.
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